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Proper firearm training is extremely important. The only thing worse than not having a gun, is an individual who does have one but doesn't know how to use it properly under extreme duress.

Our goal at TFT is to properly train you so you will feel comfortable with your firearm whether using it recreationally or in an emergency situation.

Welcome to Tango Firearms Training LLC.

I’m Lee Turner Jr. and I am a Certified NRA Firearms Instructor,Certified NRA Pistol Instructor, Certified NRA Range Safety Officer, U.S. Marine Corps Combat Veteran and proud supporter and defender of the 2nd amendment.

I'm not Red or Blue,

I am Red, White and Blue.

I’m not a Democrat or a Republican.

I am a Patriot.

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My beliefs are a mix of a modern day Samuel Adams and William Wallace. I always stand for the American flag and kneel for my Fallen Brothers and Sisters, but I’ll never kneel before any of my enemies.

I started TFT to provide firearms training to those who are unskilled in firearms handling or inexperienced in protecting themselves and their families from a threat. That threat can come in many forms...

a Gangbanger a Murder a Rapist a Terrorist or a Bad Guy with a Gun.

My skill set has been tested and tried on foreign soil and here on my home streets, yet here I stand.

I do not care about your age, your beliefs, your skin color, your sexual preference, or your gender. I do not let personal differences interfere with my professionalism as an instructor.

What I do care about is giving those who seek it, the proper training in the safe use and handling of a firearm to defensively protect themselves, their family and their home.

I offer courses for:

General Firearms Training

  • Personel Defense
  • &
  • Concealed Handgun Carry Permit

Firearms Training*

I offer comprehensive, detailed training in firearm safety and marksmanship including a section on defensive shooting.

Whether you are a beginner looking to get started or a shooter looking to improve your skills, I instruct all levels and ages. I offer individual, group, couples, youth and female only classes. I supply all materials, firearms & ammo.

If you have your own firearm that you would like to train with we can set up a class specifically designed with it in mind.

My "Firearms Training Course" includes double action revolvers & semi-automatic pistols.

* Certain criminal backgrounds may disqualify a person from this course.

women aiming a rifle

Personel Defense*

Don’t Be A Victim : In this 4 hour course you will be trained in self defense with a firearm and in defensive shooting against a threat when confronted in a solo or family setting, out in a public environment or in your own home.

Also in child / family member defense, Pepper spay and hand to hand escapes for close encounters. Also included are many other firearm survival tactics & tips to stop a threat.

*This is not a live fire class only training rounds will be usesd.

image of concealed gun permit

Concealed Handgun Permit*

Don’t let yourself be a victim. My course meets all Colorado state requirements. Interested in learning more?

This course is designed to give you the knowledge of the Laws of Deadly Force & the use of Deadly Force in & out of the home.

Get in touch today, I will answer all of your questions.

* Certain criminal backgrounds may disqualify a person from this course.

Courses Available:

Handgun Training Group Class

Learn to Properly Shoot and Handle a Handgun

Firearms and Ammunition are provided with this Course.

Max Group Size: 4

$75.00 Per person Contact

Handgun Training Couples Class

Learn to Properly shoot and Handle a Handgun

Firearms and Ammunition are provided with this Course.

$75.00 Per person

Advanced Handgun Training Course

Learn Advanced Handgun Techniques and Shooting Skills.

Must be an experienced shooter. Must Provide own Firearm & Ammunition

$65.00 Per person Contact

Rifle Training Course

Learn to Properly Shoot and Handle a Rifle

1.) learn to shoot a Rifle - Rifle and Ammunition supplied: $75.00

2.) learn to shoot a Rifle - You supply Rifle and Ammunition:$65.00


Personel Defense Training Class

Learn Personel & Home defense Techniques

Max Group size:12

$50.00 Per person

Concealed Handgun Permit Course

Recieve the Training and Guidence needed to get the COncealed Carry Permit

Max Group size:12

$50.00 Per person Contact


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